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Hoverboards and Longboards

Xtreme RC carries much more than RC products. We carry multiple types of hoverboards, hoverchairs, electric longboards, and electric quads. Our hoverboards range from a 6.5” basic hoverboard, 8” mid-size hoverboard, 10” off-road hoverboard, and a freestyle hoverboard.

hoverchair attachment for the hoverboard

When purchasing a hoverboard don’t forget the hoverchair! The hoverchair is a seat attachment that turns the hoverboard into a mini go-kart! Want something with a little more power and speed? Come in and check out our electric longboards!

Electric Quads

Xtreme RC also carries electric quads for kids to ride in. The quads we carry include mini-Jeeps, mini-sports cars, mini-sports bikes, and even a mini-motorcycle with a side car. Have a child that’s too small to drive the quads on their own? Don’t worry! The four-wheel electric ride-on cars have the ability to be remote controlled!

Display of Electric Quads