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Main section of RC cars on display

We pride ourselves on being the best source for RC car hobbyists in the low country. Our cars range from beginner to advanced cars, spanning many different classes. These classes include short-course, buggies, truggies, monster trucks, street cars, and rock crawlers.

Short-course RC cars are scaled replicas of the vehicles used for short-course off road racing, mostly seen in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and the TORC Off-Road Championship Series.

RC Buggies are great RC cars for those that can’t decide between a car or a truck! They provide the speed of cars that trucks can’t quite match, while providing the ability to handle off-road courses and jumps that street cars can’t. Buggies are perfect cars for beginners and professionals, and even better cars for both road and off-road racing.

RC Truggies are similar to RC buggies in that they provide a great combination of speed and handling. The main difference is that truggies have longer and wider bodies with larger drive shafts, axles, and wheels. These differences of a larger build allows truggies to handle off-road racing and rough terrain much better than buggies.

Bring the Monster Truck Series to your backyard with our remote control monster trucks! RC Monster Trucks are great for those that want to handle the rockiest of terrains without a problem. The high clearance and large wheels make the task of running over rocks an easy feat!

Despite not being able to drive off-road without consequences, RC Street Cars are a major part of the RC car world and provide great entertainment. The low chassis of street cars make it prone to damage off-road, but make up for it for their high speed on solid ground, with possible top speeds of over 100 mph with certain models!

Rock Crawlers provide a unique kind of entertainment in comparison to our other RC classes. Rock Crawlers are intended to traverse daring inclines of the rockiest terrains. Pick up a rock crawler or bring one you already own and be one of the first to make the climb on our new rock crawler course when it is finished!

Pre-Owned and Clearance

Want to join in on the RC car scene but don’t want to commit to the cost of a brand new RC car? We have pre-owned and clearance options for those with a smaller budget! Another option we offer is trade-ins towards other models - so if you start off with a basic model and want to move to a more advanced car, we’ll give you store credit for your old car to put towards the new one!

Don’t want to buy? We offer rental options on cars to use on the track!

Parts and Accessories

Inventory of parts for upgrades or repairs

Interested in building your car from the ground up? Have a repair to make to your car? Xtreme RC has a large inventory of parts and accessories for your RC needs. If there’s anything you need that we don’t stock, we’ll order it! We have a wide variety of wheels, engines, car fuel, remote controls, clear shells, paint, and more!